Fur-free Lush!

Since establishing in 1995, Lush Cosmetics has been driven by innovation and its ethics.
Lush places emphasis on using the freshest ingredients possible, including whole fruits and vegetables.   Freshness is intrinsic to Lush – it’s at the heart of their philosophy.  It means they minimise the use of synthetics and it means thatthey create wonderfully effective products when the ingredients are at their most potent.  When Lush products reach the customer, they are literally weeks, days or even just hours old.   No product in any of their shops is more than 6 months old.
What I love most about Lush is the ethics the started the business with, which are still as important today as they were then. For example they enforce a strict policy against animal testing (all our products are vegetarian) and to this day are still fighting against tests on animals, not just for cosmetics purposes but for any purpose.  In 2012, they launched the Lush Prize which is a quarter of a million annual prize fund, run in conjunction with Ethical Consumer, rewarded to politicians, lobbyists, researchers and scientists who are actively working to end animal testing.  They run campaigns on issues ranging from those which are a core part of their business, such as: animal testing, palm oil, vegetarianism and packaging; to those which are unrelated to the business but are causes we feel strongly about, such as:  fox hunting, shark finning, an end to torture and the right to a fair trial, climate change and destitute refugees.

Fur means unnecessary animal suffering and killing!
Why we need to be fur free?
On the street you see many young people wearing coats with fur collars attached to them. A few years ago, fur was no longer common; it was a symbol of animal cruelty. Nowadays, if you wear fur you seem to be cool.

Lush Dubai store window display

Lush has a great informative brochure for you and you can also download this or share with your friends.
Sign the pledge and don’t wear fur!



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