A Beauty Blogger's Castaway Survival Kit

I have a very wild imagination, last night I imagined myself on a ship, and after a long struggle from a sudden storm. The ship made its way into the sea, sinking rapidly. I managed to grab a wood lodge..and...my Survival Kit :) , and struggled my way swimming till I reached a remote island, with no man or any sign or human life on it!

I have always thought, if ever there was such a thing a survival kit, like any fashionable girl who cares about her looks & hygine, these are the stuff should be in it which will help me make it through the day:

Vaseline body lotion in Coco butter

Vaseline lip therapy in Rosy Lips

Dettol hand Sanitizer & wipes

Nail file

Toothbrush & Paste

Tressemme hair treatment & conditioner

Nyx cream blush in Natural. I have reviewed that product Here


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