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Most of my pageviewers are new to Stay updated with all my posts & get alerts when I post something new on my blog by:

1-In the top right column, I have listed my email in case you would like to ask me any questions or suggest topics you would love to see in this blog.
2-RSS feeds on the top right column in my blog (you can either subscribe to posts or comments or both)
3-Beneath my blog archive in the right column there is a followers link, if you have a gmail account you can easily be connected to me or my blog by clicking on "join".
4-In the Left Column, there's a follow by mail tab, by which you will recieve notifications whenever I post something new in my blog.
5- Beneath each post, there is a comment tab, click on it to comment on that post.Easy!

This way, we will always stay connected & you will always be updated!

Hope you have a beautiful day :)

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