Porefessional- primer/balm by BENEFIT

At first when I bought this product 2 years ago, I didn't understand what was it for, I only got it in a X-Mas package offer from Benefit @ ULTA along with benetint and some-kinda-gorgeous and a couple of blushers . On the Packaging it states that its a balm that minimizes the appearance of the pores, while after purchasing and reading other reviews and notices that it could be used as a face primer too.

I have a combined skin with obvious pores on my nose and the area around it. When I first tried it I was like "WHAT THE F**K! This $H!t is Freaking AMAZING!". I seriously don't know how I ever lived without it. First of all, I'm not the kind of person who uses foundation on daily basis. My daily makeup routine is just transparent mascara, blusher & lip balm. On sunny days I tend to add a dab of powder on my T-zone just to prevent oily-skin days. After I discovered this product, its been added to my skin routine. This is its benefits:

1-it does minimize the pores.
2-give the skin a velvet texture, even if you only use it to your T-zone.
3- used as a face primer before powder or foundation.
4-covers dry areas in my skin.
5-very light on the skin.

I really can't believe my life after it anymore, and definitely restocking :)

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