Ojon Hair Treatment

I recieved a complimentary sample from Sephora that I choose to try, Ojon damage reverse Restorative Hair Treatment.

I have naturaly wide curls hair with fine texture, so my hair is naturally soft. However, like all girls, with a lot of dying, highlighting and straightening & also the weather & stress factors, it all affects the strength of your hair. I did a lot to my hair in 1 year than a person would do in 3! so imagine how my hair is damaged. I ended up with very dry,easily broken, hair ends. I lost my hair shine & gained a lot of fall offs & split ends!

I get the usual 40 days/2 months trimming, and my hair looks better, but unfortunately it doesn't last long until I start to see again dry ends, frizzy hair & dullness. I do a lot of hair cream treatments & oil treatments on a regualr basis. But still no luck.

After experiencing the Ojon damage reverse Restorative Hair Treatment sample packet, which lasted for 3-times-use, I started to see a HUGE difference. I at least no longer have split ends, my hair yet is still dry but much better than before, it also added a little shine to my hair. So defintely I will be buying the product. :)

When you open the packet, its like a grainy product that when you rub a small portion of it in your hands, it turns into oil. Rub it in your hair from ends to roots, wrap in a shower cap & a warm towel, wait for 2 hours or longer if you have the time, and then shampoo well and experience the softness :)

The only downside to it that it smells not pretty good.

If you have tried that product, tell me how you liked it.


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