Maybelline Collosal Mascara & Liner Definer review

I got these items from two different countries- The Collosal Mascara I got it from Ulta in the States, & the Liner Definer from Dubai Mall in UAE. These were the best buys in 2012.

The Collosal Mascara: I bought it in Black. I apply one coat of this mascara on a regular day and it gives me super lengths and great definition at the base, & I apply two coats for night outings & Clubbing for extra volume & definition. This is by far the best Mascara I have bought ever (after Lancome's Hypnose). It doesn't Clump, doesn't flake,doesn't smudge,applys evenly that it reaches my shortest lashes, seperates my lashes, doesn't irritate my eyes, and its not expensive at all ($6.99 from

The Liner Definer liquid eyeliner: I don't know why this has been discontinued in the states, but I finally found it in Dubai. This is good liquid eyeliner pen, it gives my precision and ease of application. You don't have to be a pro to use this-unlike the ink pot liners- all you have to do is follow you eye shape & line! I got of course the classic black, but it's also available in other colors. The only downside to it is the liquid does not even come out until you press it a little bit. Comparing it to Oriflames liquid liner, the former beats it sadly. (HUH imagine that!) Although the felt tip is really smoothe, yet it takes forever to dry. I guess for its price you can get better ones, maybe that's why it has been discontinued.

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