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Hello All,

Its been  a while since I last posted on my blog., but I was trying to decide what to do in my life.

In the last period I did a lot of activities, studies, travels and careers, just trying to figure out what I can do best. Amongst the stuff I did, I took a make up course with Robert Jones Academy amongst other courses and practices I made. After that, and several trial & errors, I found out that this was something I loved and managed to do well.

Consequently, I decided, along with practicing my makeup artistry application & techniques, to write reviews on make up, since not a lot of people in Egypt do a lot of reviewing. Based on our different market demand and limited-yet variable- brands, I thought it would be different to review those products we have in the markets and I will also be giving you tips & tricks AND where you could find the latest and best offers in EGYPT ;) PRETTY GOOD HUH ;)!

Wish me luck :)

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