Garnier BB cream-Middle East edition

After the thousands of Ads I have seen on TV about the new Garnier BB cream amongst the new uprise of the BB trends in all brand lines. Since we do not have a lot of good makeup lines in Egypt, I didn't think that I would find the Garnier BB cream yet (not until 3 months at least).

Luckily while shopping in Carrefour, I found it! YAAY...along with the rest of Garnier skin products. Unlike other coutries, I only found two shades, the Light & Medium! (other countries had a variety between 3-4 shades!) So, I tested my luck and bought the light/clair shade.

Testing the product, itsn't the fanciest go for BB cream, but these are the pros & cons:

*Color isn't light at all, its a medium shade that matched my slightly tanned complexion
*Blends smoothly on my skin.
*Doesn't cause breakouts

*smells funny, or at least not of my own smell taste.
*is ONLY suitable for dry skin, not any other skin type.
*Zero Coverage.
*Worse of BB creams out there, there are much better ones for same price or less.
*very pricey for such quality : 40L.E.
So, to me it was more of a tinted moisturizer than a good BB cream that would really take care of my skin.

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