Bourjois Blusher Rose D'or 34

Best Blusher's since my mum started to put makeup on in her teenage time! I have tried a lot of shades and they are all great, but this shade precisly compliments my light beige skin. It's a pink coloe with gold shimmers that adds a glow to the skin. Its low on talc, less powdery & finely milled.
It won't make you look 'made-up', it gives a lovely pink glow. The size is travel-friendly, so whenever I'm travelling, I can throw it anywhere in my bag or even in my pockets :)

For 2.5 grams of product that lasts almost a year on daily application (if not more), I think this blusher is a good investment :)

The only thing a have a comment on, I dunno why, maybe its just me, but whenever I use another blush brush the product doesn't seem pigmented enough. However, when I use the applicator that is included in the package, its well-pigmented. I do not like the applicator included and I would love to use other brushes I don't like to be restricted. So, if anyone does NOT have this pigmentation problem, please tell me.

It has a nice smell to it ;)

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