Alphabet of Beauty Trends & Tips

A: Aqua
Hydrate, hydrate, & hydrate. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday (yes, even in winter). You will notice a visible flush on your skin. In case your skin look tired, a really good trick to do is apply bronzer beneath your cheekbone going to the side of your face up to the side of your brows & to your jaw line (Almost drawing number 3 to the side of your face).

B: BB creams
These are the new foundation. Most middle-eastern women are blissed of having a good complexion that they do not need to apply foundation on a daily basis, except in certain occasions. For those who need a subtle skin evening-out, substitue the application of the foundation with any BB creams. Try Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Maybelline, L'oreal, The body shop, & M.A.C.

C: Correctors & Concealers
I can only live with those, who cannot?! Nothing more can be said, just checkout my other post about Bobbi Brown Corrector Kit . It's a must in every girl's kit. The best concealer/ correctors brands that are out there are: Bobbi brown, M.A.C., Makeup Foever, Cle de Peau ( extremely pricey but totally worth it and lasts for looooooong), The body shop (yet not much variety for darker skin tones), Benefit with two products Booing & Erase paste , and Nyx color correcter (available in many shades including green, violet & peach!yaay!)

D: Defined brows
If you have supre thread thin eyebrows, then its time to ditch your tweezers and save your salon money for at least 3 months and let your brows grow as thick as you can. Don't turn ur eyebrows into bushes but at least let them grow thick and pluck only as per your facial features (I will post about that later). Grow them back line by line so you won't feel sudden the change. Always groom your brows with a brow gel or a clean old mascara wand.

E: Eyes
ALWAYS do makeup that suits your eyeshape, you will be amazed how you were ruining the natural shape of your eyes and how following the rules can enhance the beauty of your eyes. ( I will post later on with photos kinds of eyes and what makeup rules each should apply)

F: Frosted shimmer
Polished, iridescent, soft pastel shimmers are an all-year-round trend. Although more colorful shimmers are a spring/summer fashion, yet white, beige, brown, purple shimmers are so in this winter. Check out Chanel, Smashbox & Urban Decay palletes. They all have a really nice range.

G: Gloss
One basic rule any girl should apply. Always apply gloss. Its either gloss alone on naked lips, lip liner with lip gloss, or all three liner, lipstick & gloss. It must be there. Its onle how much you apply & the technique that varies. On a smokeye look for instance, apply concealer to erase any trace of the edge of your lips, apply nude lip liner allover your lips and then add gloss, et Voila!

H: Highlighter
Another rule of thumb- ALWAYS,ALWAYS,ALWAYS apply highlighter to the following areas: Middle forehear, the top of your nose, the tip of your chin, your brow bone, under your eyes and on above your cheekbone. You will notice an amazing change in your look.

I: Ink Liner
No matter what, pencil liners will never give the dramatic effect to your eyes like the Ink liners (whether Pen or Gel pot). If you want more drama with minimal eyeshadw & without the smokey-eye trend, opt for the Ink liner.

J:Juicy lips
This doesn't only mean lip color &/or gloss. You need to take good care of your lips. Always moisturize your lips with lip balm or butter, & on a regular basis (let's say twice a month) scrub off the dead skin from your lips by using an old clean toosh brush & vaseline, and scrub, scrub, scrub.

K: Kohl
Whether black Kajal or colored perncil liners, its a must in your kit for a more defined eye to apply either on your top lashline or the bottom.

L: Longlasting Makeup
For a longlasting makeup if you have an outing or a concert or long event and want your makeup stay long, always moisturize & prime your face & eyelid. Apply Matte finish foundation. Then, finish with a fixing/finishing spray. I love Skindinavia.

M: Manicure
Always before applying nail polish, manicure your nails, buff the ends & tops of your nails, cut off the exccess, push in (don't remove!) cuticles. Then apply base coat, color coat (depends 2-3 coats), top coat, for a long lasting color & great looking nails.

N: Nude
From nail polish to eyeshadow & lipstick, nude is in this winter. If smokey eyes ain't your thing, the only other way to wear shadow this season is soft neutrals. One of my Favorite Palletes for this is Bobbi brown's Nude on Nude , and Naked & Naked II by Urban Decay.

No matter how you look, or how you dress, a bad hair day or breaking out, wear your attitude & be confident, coz no matter how glamorous you look & how much effort you have put into it, its all in vain if you are not confident.

P: Pinks
Even if you are not a girl who wears pink, has pink pens, notebooks, keychain..etc, you must have pink eyeshadow, pink blush & pink escape from that

Q: Q-tips
can't believe a girl would live without them! whether to cleanup your ears after a shower, flick off mascara smudge mistakes, clean off exccess eyeshadow, or smudge eyeshadow, these small babies are a must in every kit.

R: Red Lips
a universal classic and are here to stay for another few seasons. Yet many women assume they can't wear it, they're wrong. If your complexion is pink, you'll look better in plum shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base. No matter what complexion you are, there's always the right shade for you.

Always wear SPF before getting exposed to the sun, and yes in winter too to protect your skin from skin cancer & damaging rays, and prevent premature skin aging & wrinkles. The SPF I use is bioderm :)

T: Tinted moisturizer
Normally a thin consistency compared to a thicker, creamy formula of a BB, & with less pigmentation for those who felt BB was too thick for their complexion. One of the good tinted moisturizers is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Get some You time for yourself, whether filling the bath tube with warm water & foam & essential oils, or excercising, reading, hanging out with your friends, shopping or even just chilling in bed & relaxing. There must be time to treat yourself & feel good about it.

V: Volumizing mascara
Invest in a good volumizing mascara than a lengthining one. you can always get the length you want with a volumizing mascara, but you can never get the volume you want with a lengthening one. Good volumizing mascaras: Maybelline one by one, Falsies, Collosal; YSL Shocking; Lancome Hypnose.

W: Would you buy it?
How many of us buy stuff just because they are on a really good offer or deal, or because the packaging was attractive, or even the salesperson pushed you to purchase, and then you go back home and just ditch it in your closet? One rule of thumb, if you are not going to use it or quite hesitant about that, leave the store, think about it whether you really need it or would rather spend your money on something else.

X: X-factor (Cleanse!)
If you don't cleanse,scrub & do regular facials, then no matter how much makeup you apply, your skin wouldn't still look as good. (I will write a whole post about cleansing for different skin types later on)

Y: Yoga
Physical excercise of streching your muscles while relaxing your mind and meditating which helps you release stress & negative energy leaving you fresh & youthful.

Z: Zzzzz..Sleeeeepp
Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of night REM beauty sleep to decrease your under eye puffiness & glow of your complexion

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