The dress:(Part 2)

"So,what should I do?"I thought,now that I'm in a dark alley and he might put a knife on my throat asking me to give him my purse.Or maybe he was one of those serial killers who would spray something in my face to make me faint and then take me somewhere and rape me.Oh my God! All of this thinking seemed to take so long although it was only seconds when I took the decision and turned around and hit him with my purse.The guy immediately fell on the floor with a bleeding nose. I stood there for a moment(I dunno what kept me standing in the first place!) while the guy kept staring at me.It was too dark to see his features,all I could see is shadows and hear him breathing deeply.He took a napkin out of his jacket's pocket and wiped his nose from the blood and I'm still standing there watching him. He came closer to me and consequently I took a step backwards into a dim light. He stepped closer once more,into the light, and again I stepped backwards. I looked at him and couldn't breathe anymore. I felt my blood running through my veins very quickly that my heart would stop at any moment.I felt a cold shiver running through my arms reaching my nails.I was scared,yet, I didn't move an inch,I just couldn't!My brain is giving signals to my legs to run,yet my legs refuse to obey. It's as if my feet are stuck in the street's cement,and the more I keep standing the more I get scared.He was a tall dark man about 6ft 8in with long dark hair,his features were very simple.His eyes were very defined bordered by thick eyebrows.I kept staring at him until I was distracted by his soft,tender voice "Now I guess is the time that u tell me". HUH! Tell him what?Is he talking to me? "E..e..excuse me?Sir I guess you are mistaken I'm not.."
- " Aren't you tired of all of this?" he interrupted. I was standing there having no idea what he was talking about." why do you keep following me?" he continued.
- "ME?! Well, if I'm the one who's following you then why didn't you hit me with your purse instead?!"
-He smiled and said,"Well, I didn't bring any of my stuff with me,and.. wait a minute, don't try to play smart and get me off point.Answer my question,why are you following me?Why is it wherever I go I see you?". Then we both were silent for a moment, as for myself I didn't know what to reply,I just couldn't think,"I...I..I need go",I said, grabbing my bag from the floor and finally I could move once again. I walked backwards and when I finally started to walk faster I was about to turn around when he grabbed my hand and said, "Tomorrow, 4pm starbucks cafe,the one around the corner" and left. Astonished I was to all what happened, I opened my hand to find his napkin in my hand stained with his blood. I watched him walk away in his long dark coat until he vanished completely. I gathered myself and walked him,totally stoned as if I just got out of bed,didn't drink my coffee yet and still can't figure out what's going on around me. All what I was thinking of was, "should I go tomorrow?". I reached my appartment,unlocked the door, stepped inside and locked it behind me, "why am I thinking of all this in the first place? He's a complete stranger to me why should I have a cup of coffee with him? He could be a serial killer and I'm his next victim.Ok, I can't deny there was something about him but I can't use my instinct all the time". All of this thinking and with all day's effort I lied down on my sofa and went into deep sleep.

I woke up finding myself on the floor and the phone was ringing. "Hello?" I asked still sleeping and can't make any sense "Mariam who?Ah Mariam,what's up? Oh my gosh ! Ok Ok! Give me 20 min".I jumped from the floor ,run to the bathroom, took a shower and got dressed up for my boss' daughter's wedding all in 20 min,that's a score! 5 min later,Mariam passed by and together we went to the wedding.

It was a wonderful night,yet all I kept thinking about that guy,"should I go?why he said that I was the one who was following him?" and a lot of other questions I had in my mind but I was interrupted by a voice," You look astonishing tonight! You were born to were that dress!"
-"Well,thank you sir! Your daughter is pretty much beautiful herself".
-"Yes,she is! I'm glad that you came tonight,although you missed the reception,yet you made it up for all of us with your appearance tonight my child"
-"It's an honor,Sir.I'm really glad that your daughter made it to the isle after all those years".

We both laughed,his daughter was well-known or her many adventures with men for like 10 years since she was 18! I wished the bride and the groom an ever-after happiness,wished my boss goodnight and left.I couldn't stay till the end of the night as I was wearied out. All I could think about was my bed and starbucks!

...To be continued

3 comments on The dress:(Part 2)

  1. Hi Ayat,first of all sorry i've been busy, but i'm glad to see that u've written part 2,but i can also see that the story is not over ! so did u meet that guy after that ,did u find out what's his story ? i don't think he wanted to kill u or steal u otherwise he would've ran once u hit him ,but he could've been a rapist & he made things up that ur the one following him to distract u & act like an innocent, u certainly did the right thing, still ur mind won't rest till u meet him which u must've done ,that's why there will be a third part,right ?
    nice story writing & waiting for the rest
    Best Wishes

  2. yes triple H u're definitely correct, and the rest is comming, thnx for ur care :D

  3. Thanks for writing this.


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