Is it absurd art ?: "blank bed"

Do you think this pic. is considered absurd art? what do u think the meaning behind it? When I first saw it in my friend's blog I was actually speechless and made me think "Am I gonna reach that stage?Am I gonna live like this?" I dun wanna tell you what's my interpretation of that pic so as not to distract you. So, just tell me wat did YOU think when you first saw it. Waiting for your feedback..

4 comments on Is it absurd art ?: "blank bed"

  1. i am not sure what's the meaning behind this pic. ?
    but what i thought when i first saw it is that its cheap , unorganized ,uncomfortable,not exactly the kinda bed u wanna sleep in & not the kinda life u would wanna live.
    maybe you can enlighten us with ur interpretation.
    Have a nice day,

  2. I liked u interpretation really it's cool.when i saw that pic for the 1rst time i thought:since the photographer only shot one side of the bed then she definitely intended to show us the meaning of one-sided relationship.i mean imagine one day u r so happy in ur relationship,very committed and considering taking a further step-However messy and dirty the bed seems,yet u r willing to do everything to make it comfy- and u wake up finding this side of the bed empty!!!wat will ur feeling be like?!!!

  3. Yes, i like ur interpretation, u have a good point, this is only one side of the bed. i don't think there are words to describe what will u feel, u"ll be quite speechless, motionless, & there"ll be like a thousand questions going through ur head ,but this is exactly what u will be feeling ;those exclamation marks !!!

  4. After reading yr comment on the photo, first i opened the comments area then closed it at once, thought about it for a while and wondered, why does the photographer pictured only a half the bed, where is the second half, what is in this hidden area?
    I do agree with yr interpretation alot.


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