The dress:(Part 1)

Just like everyday, I was walking down the street to take the bus to work. I was standing at the bus stop when I saw a little girl staring at me, consequently I looked at her and smiled and continued reading Women In Love, the book I bought last year at the book fair by D.H. Lawrence. Later, I over-heard the girl asking her mom whether I was an angel or not! Her mother laughed and asked "why honey?","She looks like one!" the girl said. The mother smiled, kissed her daughter and said,"Hun' we can't see angels,yet they're among us everywhere".The girl looked at me again then looked at the sky and sighed. I assumed that she thought I was an angel because I was wearing a white coat. I smiled for the thought and kept reading until the bus came.

I arrived at work early as usual, went up to the cafeteria & took my cappuccino back to my office. As I was reading the mail, Mariam rushed into the office screaming "The boss asked about you last night,why didn't you come to his daughter's reception party?". I didn't reply, I meandered for a few minutes while Mariam kept looking at me, "There's something different about you today, you look like.."
- "An angel?!" I interrupted her.
-She laughed and said "Well yes! Not an angel literary but u seem unusually peaceful".
- " So you say that I'm always stressed and nervous?"I asked smiling.
- " No sorry, I didn't mean so. I meant,everyday u seemed having a lot to think about. A lot of things going on your mind, but today you seem..".
- " Happy?",I interrupted again. " Well,yes I am. I woke up today having this feeling of relief". I thought for a moment and smiled, "And a little girl at the bus stop today thought I was an angel too!Maybe I'm considering becoming one!".We both laughed and then she went back to her office.

After a long day at work, I went back home exhausted. I had to cover all the work I had for tomorrow because I'll be going to my boss's daughter's wedding. I passed by Mac, ordered a meal and took it home. As I was crossing the street, I felt I was being stalked. I looked behind me and saw a man walking right behind me but not noticing me at all. So,I kept walking till I reached my block. Having a lot of things in my hand,I had to put Mac's meal and the diet coke on the floor until I get my keys out of the bag. As usual, my bag was a mess,everything I had in it from lip balm to a hairbrush!I kept looking in the bag till I heard their ring,so I kept moving my hand in the bag and got them! I opened the building's main door and walked up the stairs.But again I heard footsteps behind me so I stopped and the footsteps stopped. I looked around me and downstairs but there was no one. "I'm way too tired that I'm starting imagining things",I thought.I took a deep breath and climbed up to my apartment,opened the door,locked the door from the inside,and threw my bag and myself on the sofa!

The meal was too good that I didn't leave anything behind,I ate all of it! Or maybe because I was too tried and too hungry,whatever! Anyway I washed my face and washed up for the afternoon prayers. Surprisingly,this was the first time during my prayers that I didn't get distracted by my neighbors dog barking or me thinking of what I need to buy or do. I was so peaceful and calm. Anyway, after I prayed I opened my closet looking for something to wear for the wedding. " I remember I had a purple dress that I wore last year at my cousin's wedding",I thought; so I kept looking for it but I couldn't find it anywhere. "Never mind, anyway I needed to buy a new one, that dress wouldn't have suited me any longer now that I've lost 5 pounds",I said to myself. So, I decided to wake up early & go to the Mall to find something to wear and buy a pair of shoes for the dress.

The next morning it was a beautiful sunny day. I drank my cappuccino jumped into my favorite light blue jeans and a brown jacket. As usual I kept looking for something comfortable to wear in feet, "something that won't hurt my feet if I walked a lot,and easy to take off if I needed to try the sandals on..hmmm..aha!", a beautiful brown ballerina my best friend got me for my last birthday.Quickly I put it on and ran downstairs happily just as a little girl who's happy to go to buy a new dress for the feast! But,as usual I forgot my bag so I ran upstairs again, took the bag, locked the door behind me and went down.

The Mall was too crowded unusually, but I managed to find a couple of stores which had a collection of cocktail and evening dresses, but they were a bit pricey for me that if I got one of these dresses I won't afford to buy a pair of sandals for it, so I had to look for something a little less expensive for me. I walked all day in the Mall but couldn't find anything I liked and not expensive,so I decided to borrow a dress from a friend of mine who's almost about my size. As I was leaving,again I felt someone was watching me,so I looked behind me but it was too crowded to know who it was, so I ran out of the Mall.

I called Sara on her cell phone and she said that the dress is available and that I could drop by now if I wanted. So,again I was happy that I found something to wear for the night. On my way I bought Sara her favorite chocolate as I always do before I go to her place. I reached the building,rang on the intercom and she opened the door for me; and when I reached up to the 3rd floor I already found her standing in front of her apartment waiting for me. I kissed her, gave her the chocolate and we went in. She showed me a wonderful long yellow dress with a pair of golden sandals. I laughed out of joy when I tried it on and found that it perfectly fitted me,"And there's a purse too!",Sara said playfully showing me a little golden purse. I was so happy that I could scream! We sat and talked a little then I had to go to get ready for the wedding.

Since Sara's place wasn't too far from mine, I walked home. I was so happy that I forgot to buy something to have for lunch. As I was walking again I felt someone was walking behind me and this time I was certain.

....To be continued

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  1. Sorry triple i wasn't available the last couple of month due to my work,but i'll be submitting part too soon,thnx for ur care:D

  2. sure ur welcome , i thought maybe u felt no one is reading ur blog so i just wanted to give u some encouragement to keep it up.
    the story is quite intriguing , i like the title The Dress , waiting for the rest of it.

  3. thnx sweety i really appreciate it,it's just that i have a lot of things messed up here,but waiiit for the rest, it's comming sooooooon

  4. Hey i just stumbled on your blog searching for the location to get the tickets for this fri's sos festival.
    As you might gather i am a tourist here from Dubai (originally pakistani!),and darn still can't figure out the location even though i stay in heliopolis!!!
    grrrrrrrr anyways congratulations on this mind stimulating blog and good day!

  5. sorry maxracer I couldn't reply it you,I hope u didn't miss the sos festival after all!! the gig was yesterday but u can always be updated of when is the festival(i guess ut happens once every 3 months,so the next one will be next august)and how to get the

  6. Triple H,I hope I haven't kept u waiting for a long time,part 2 is on,tell me wat d'ya think


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