Man: Another big step of God's creations

The imperfect creature created by God, also considered perfect because God creates perfection as taught by the great poet Alexander Pope. Man is considered to be a sinner since the beginning of creation- the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve. I’m not here to speak about religion’s history, but to remind you, just to leave an idea in your mind to remind you of the great sin of all humanity, the unknown theory.

First of all I want to ask, if you were given another chance, just one chance to reconsider our path in life, our way of living, and by this I mean our attitude towards religion, would we have changed it or by stupidity kept doing the same sins over and over again? Believe me I’ve asked myself this question a lot that one day I made this terrible mistake by taking the wrong decision and asked myself ‘if only I went back I time, I would have…’. I’m sure that you’ve thought of this millions of times throughout the day, but the question is if that happened, would you have seized the chance and took the right decision this time? Let me analyze this: if we say that chances come only once for each aspect in life, then the total is, let us say for instance, fifteen. I know I’m exaggerating but let us consider it the maximum number of chances a regular man could get throughout his life. Since Man is a sinner by nature and Man doesn’t learn from his past mistakes unless he sins for at least- and I say at least which may vary from a person to another according to the level of education, intelligence, the environment surrounding him…etc- once for every aspect in life, and I won’t say that he would use up all the fifteen chances, so let us say ten. The ordinary man will waste ten chances, which aren’t repeated during his lifetime, then five more chances are left. Do you think that a man will consider his previous mistakes and stop and think ‘no I have to change my attitude’ or ‘I got to learn and make use of my future chances (namely the last five chances)’? I don’t think so!! It’s not that I’m being pessimistic, but life has its seductive ways to lure Man out of the right track. Let’s say that a straight, open-minded, and smart person did make use of all the five chances, it won’t cover all the aspects in life, and I’m talking about five aspects out of fifteen.

So, you’re asking for a solution, or probably saying ‘what’s your intention behind all this?’ The solution I think should be known and understood early and quickly because you got to find a way out as it’s your life and your own way and no one is going to figure it out for you. It’s so simple people, repenting. God wrote about everything and every aspect in the Holy Qura’n. If you read and understood it quite well, or at least read the basics, you wouldn’t have fallen into sin, and this will raise the percentage of being on the right track, and increase the percentage of taking advantage of your chances say for instance eight out of fifteen chances, at least, will be used, which is good. At least you’re progressing, and by time you’ll be using twelve chances out of fifteen! It’s simple, quick, and effective, but there’s one more thing I need to say. If you watched the movie The Devil’s Advocate and understood the meaning behind it, you’ll understand what I mean. People, if they know it, then we sure do know it.

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