Knock Knock Knocking:stronger

When I dream of you..or when I even hear your name,
I feel happy..and yet I feel so ashamed
remembering how I let you go
remembering how i left you
I surrendered my soul
and left myself in lame.

Is it you who was good and true,
or me who left the old one for the new?
remembering how i was so unfair,
remembering how I was such a fool,
& knowing I'm the one to blame.

This is how you left me,
but this isn't how I'm gonna be.
I'll be stronger,you'll see.
I'll be there standing tall
and you'll be down there begging me.

To be back together,that's a dream,
wake up honey, this is the new me.
Go away, go back to your cave.
To you I'm no more a slave.
It's just not like what it used to be!!

13th July 2003
Too young,too much emotions..wallah this is a waste!! I should have chosen acting much better I guess than writing poetry!!!

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