Inquiring about the 3rd step (Going nuts!)

I'm happy,but why? Why now? Why not before? Why did everything go wrong? Why after all u've put me through I still feel this shiver when I hear ur voice? Why do u let go that easy every time u feel we're not meant to be,and why do u want me back again? Why are u that weak when it comes to commitment and why is it that easy to come back? Why can't I just accept the idea that maybe u're not the one and why is it so easy for me to accept ur pleas for forgiveness? Why can't I love u and why can't I hate u? Hate u? For what? For leaving me whenever u feel our love is too strong to handle all by urself? Who said u're all by urself,where am I? R u excluding me from ur life, or do I only feel this because I'm very into ur life? who said I don't love u..I do,but not for who u r but for whom u are craving to be. Nonsense what I'm talking about, am I still gonna wait for u to be someone whom u might never be?!! Yes I will coz I know u can, but why do I have all this faith in u? Why do I stick up to u and always be beside whenever u need me? Is it U who need me or the other way around? I need u? Do I? Why? For what you gave me before, or for what u still have to give? Are u still willing to give me,if not then why do u want me back? Oh yes, u didn't say u wanted me back! Hell no! Each time u say I love u is a promise of commitment! Ah yes, Ok,I do say I love u but I don't really mean it with what all it means but at that moment yes I'm loving you,why? Why is it only in a moment particularly that I love u that romantically and deeply? It's not that I feel something each and every single moment,'s not love, it's not deeply and passionately as always,why? Do u have the same feeling,the ups and downs? Do u,this time, really want to stick by me?Do u still wanna be part of me, my life? Do u ever wanna fight for what we had,have and will have? Do u wanna tire yourself for me? Am I always gonna have these doubts? Am I willing to tire myself to find the answers?God, help me!

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