Let's go original!

Vodafone live music presents SOS music concert (vol.2)---"Let's go original!" on friday the 24th of November at the Chinese garden Cairo International Conference Center (CICC). This all day music festival was a huge success on its first time in September, gathering a crowd of 8,000 people.

A lineup of eight bands will perform from afternoon till midnight, presenting a different range of music genres, from oriental to rock.

Wust el Balad, Nagham Masry, Ressala, Sahra, Jaffa Phonix, Wyvern, DaVinCi and Love and Peace are the eight performing bands.

I know Everyone is just saying "what the hell are u talking about!!Is this the time we need to go to gigs and concerts??!!U live in a totally different world." Actually no I don't I'm just so consumed that I need to do something new other than hanging out with friends and drinking latte or going to the movies(& it's not only me it's all of my friends). We just need to do something to break the routine which is gonna put us all in a spiritual coma. Now,whenever I hang out with my friends I just dun' have the effort to talk anymore,or maybe I lost interest..I dunno.Maybe I'm not the "fun" person to hang out with anymore,but it's not only me it's all of us. I guess this is what the government wanted us to be: physically, emotionally and spiritually destructed. Well, we all hope that you're happy now,so drink to it wishing you longitude in life! Cheers!!!

For more info, visit thewebsite: www.sosmusicfestival.com

For invitations, visit one of these distribution points:

- Virgin Mega store : City Stars Center all working hours

- Makani : El Mohandiseen from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm

(Address: 9, Amr St. off Wadi el Nil, Mohandiseen, Giza)

- Makani : Heliopolis from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm

(Address: 27, Hassan Sadek St. & 96 Merghani St. Heliopolis)

- Cairo Jazz Club from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm

(Address: 197, 26th July st., Agouza)

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