For all those gals who are frustrated by "Wust Al-balad" incident,here are 15 reason why it is great being a girl;) ..

1-U can be attracted to someone just because they're really funny.
2-U can quickly end any fight simply by crying.(Does this knock any doors:D!!)
3-U never have to open doors for men.
4-In the bus,U don't have to leave ur chair for a man.
5-U never have to spend a 2 month's salary on a ring!
6-In a cafe,if someone takes ur seat u don't have to hit them!
7-U can improve ur appearance with make up without ppl thinking u're a wierdo!
8-U don't have hair no ur back.( yeah grose!!)
9-U don't have to shave everyday.( I guess U don't have to shave from the begining!!)

10-U can dress urself without looking like geeks.
11-U'll never regret piercing ur ears.
12-U'll never regret a decision u take bec it always depends only on either on the heart or mind, not on a 3rd organ!!!!!(no offence)
13-U can hug ur friends without ppl wondering if U were gay.
14-On dates,U don't have to pay(bliss!!)
15- And last but not least,girls can be worshipped( I mean seriously in some countries women are worshipped for bieng the source of life and bla bla bla),so gals wait for the next post I'll write down the name of that country!!!

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  1. hey u forget u dont need to buy a flat and u dont need to go to the military service also ...btw the events in wust el bald is nt the 1st it hapens evry year walhy but in few accidents

  2. that is unfair ! the gals on f.r.i.e.n.d.s used to shave all the time !

  3. 1. that expresses triviality u cant fall for someone just because he is funny !!!
    2.yeah the crying thing is a fucken powerful weapon open doors for women to be the only ones seeing their back and UW not the whole street (a new theory) ;-)
    8.a lot of women love hairy men
    9.99% of Egyptian girls, do or should shave.

    12. 3rd organ !!! no doubt you are the wierdo :D

    13.Men hug each other, and can't be accused for being gay, this is not a gay based society. still cant deny what i noticed lately that this society trend is not quiet right , towards lesbians and gays they are increasing quickly.

  4. Tasem...SHUT UP!!!! u have nothing to say to the extent that u only answered 7 points outa 15!!!


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