The BIG step

As I steadily walked down
everything around me was perfect,
& I had no reason to frown
but from their eyes which I neglect.

Swaying steadily with fixed steps,
dancing merrily inside my heart
thinking "Finally this is it.
I wish it won't fall apart".

Shaking & trembling by his sight,
feeling His presence with all His might.
Praying He'll be there when the time
comes for me to sing my rhyme.

There he stood with a beautiful smile
& loving eyes that made me cry.
Saw his love and felt it too
when he told me,"I love you".

I simply looked at him and smiled,
"Am I dreaming? Is this true?".
Different thoughts I had in mind
but I was definite to say "I do".

wrote on the 19th of November 2006

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