The me!

I stand at the window each morning

& see what the world turned to be

looking all around me

and thank God for who is me.

I.. I'm a girl at the prime of her age

I..I used to think that nothing's gonna change

But it did,a total turnabout

A change in my life,& I'm out of the cage.

You can laugh your heart out

For what I'm gonna say

You might not like it,so

You're free to leave or stay.

You are the one I lived for

For you I wanted to be wat I couldn't

Perfect it is,I couldn't,I just wouldn't

Change to something which is already me,or may.

But,impossible,it just can't be

This perfection you seek in me

God is perfect & so he creates perfections

& you had to accept what was perfect in me.

But it rained ,all of a sudden

& brought out all what's hidden

Somethings which were forbidden

You just couldn't wait to see.

& here I am,standing by the window

Seeing what the world turned out to be

Looking all around me

& thanking God for the perfection in me

(2nd of november 2006)

My best friend Nour was the first to read it n' he thinks that it would make an awesome rock track,anyone interested in composing the music :D?

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