Baby steps towards what I think is the way to reality

First of all I wanna thank all of u for visiting my blog. What made me consider creating a blog is that I wanted to write down my thoughts and publish them in an easy and rapid way. I've started writing down my journal (or shall we call it thoughts) since I was 14. However, it wasn't an easy task for me. At first I thought it was ridiculous writing down what I thought about people,theories,feelings or any other thing in life. I mean how come I write down my journal and keep it to myself for only me to read after like 2 or 3 years or whatever. I was too young to realize how precious these things become by time and what memories they bring us(whether they were good or bad,funny or mournful...) still eventually it would make us smile.

So, here I am today, publishing what I wrote and how I used to think half a decade ago(i.e 5 years for all those who are looking it up right now!). Although some of my posts would sound ridiculous, cute, amusing, pathetic or whatever; although there would be a lot of spelling or grammatical mistakes (& no I'm not gonna fix 'em), yet I know that some of them you would find interesting and would remind you of some memory you had when you were a teen.

Yet,not all of my posts are gonna be about my teen hood. Some are gonna be a couple of years old or it could be yesterday's thoughts,feelings or theories.All I want from you is enjoy and feel free to write down whatever you think which would be very helpful.

With All my love to You all.

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