2nd step: That Day

The day we met.

The day we dealt.

The day we knew.

The day we felt

The shining light,

The beating heart,

The singing birds-

The day was right,

The day we met,

The day we saw,

The thin’ we regret.

The thin’ is low,

The heart is flat,

The wind is calm,

The light is on,

The day has begun.

The reason why

The bird is shy,

The bird’s afraid,

The fright is none.

The sun is raised,

The moon is shine,

The beats are back,

The rhythm is on.

The sparks were high,

The beautiful sky,

The day is done,

The cause is gone.

The dream is over,

The night has come,

The line has lost,

The rain with dust

The heart is flat,

The life is black,

The stars went back

Down with the spark!


Inspired by Mohamed R.(I was studying Practical Criticism for my finals at
9:49 pm and "nezel 3lya elwa7y"!!)

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