M.A.C Huggable Glass

Since lipglosses is back trending this spring, M·A·C has released its newest collection the Huggable Lipglass. It gives the lips a comforting hug of color with immediate shine that wears for, unbelievably, hours. It glides on effortlessly.  It’s a new, limited edition formula with cream-based colors with a high-shine that tend to be semi-sheer to semi-opaque. The consistency is light-medium in weight and thickness, and it is creamy when initially applied but gets a little tackier after a half hour. It holds on fairly well–three to six hours–with noticeable shine and some color still visible even after eatnig. They’re all with creamy consistency and slightly hydrating, and they have the usual delicious M.A.C vanilla-scent.

Mega Hug 

Described as a “creamy deep raspberry.” It’s a medium-dark pinky plum shade with cool undertones. It had semi-opaque color payoff with a smooth consistency that applied fairly well. The color stayed on for five hours. This shade is my favorite <3

Such a Sweetheart

Described as an “intense bright watermelon.” It’s a medium, pink-coral shade with warm undertones. It had semi-opaque color coverage and a light-medium consistency, which looked unimpressive applied as it was quite streaky (as you can see from the swatch)! The gloss wore well for five hours, and it was lightly hydrating, but not as Mega Hug.

Embraceable Me 

Described as a “pale baby pink.” It’s a light, milky pink shade with a subtle, warm undertones. It had semi-sheer to semi-opaque coverage with medium consistency. The glass applied with some streakiness, due its light milky shade and creamy consistency. It wore for four hours.


Described as a “bubblegum pink.” It’s a light, cool-toned pink shade, slightly darker than embraceable, with a creamy, milky finish. It had semi-opaque color payoff with a creamy texture that lasted, too, for over a four hour period, but the application is streaky and uneven. Some of the color emphasized and pulled into lip lines over time as well.  Same issue with embraceable me.

Love Buzz

Described as a “fuchsia pink.” It’s a slightly muted, medium-dark fuchsia pink with cool undertones. This one seemed like the shiniest of the set! Unfortunately, it is not, but the shade it is beautiful! It is a Barbie pink that suits most of the skintones, despite its blue undertone. It had semi-opaque pigmentation and wore for five hours. Another favorite of mine as well.

Now, one of their, really, biggest downsides is that many of the colors apply unevenly and settle into lip lines, as usual with the M.A.C creamy glasses. They need to start fixing this to their glasses soon since people will be allover the shelves for these glasses and this spring.
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M.A.C Huggable lipcolors

One of the most low maintenance, if you are trying to achieve no-that-much-of-makeup looks. The best way to describe these is that it’s a semi-sheer formula with moderate shine, some cling, and moderate wear with lots of hydration. Reminds of my Labello lipbalms but with more pigmentation. 

They apply best if you let the formula melt slightly against the warmth of your lips prior to swiping the bullet across your lips.

Soft Talking

I am not pro that shade much. Described as a "warm peachy nude." It's a muted, light-medium peach with warm undertones and soft gold pearl. It had semi-sheer color coverage that lightened my natural lip color while brightening and adding warmth, more a transparent shade. However, its worth noting that this is the type of translucency and color that is likely to look different depending on the natural color of your lips. It wore well for three hours. This formula is quite moisturizing.

Love Feeling

A summery sunset orange shade to use day in and day out when this weather gets warmer. Described by M.A.C as a "vibrant deep orange." It's a brightened, medium orange with warm, yellow-red undertones and a soft sheen. It had semi-opaque coverage and wore well for five hours. The formula felt lightly moisturizing while worn.

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Unfortunate event

So on the 19th of this month, I got second degree burns from boiled water dropping on both by legs. Both my legs look and feel terrible, and the pain that night was humongous that I wasn't sure how long I was gonna stand it. I fainted from the pain! I kept screaming like I have never did! 

It was horrible and kept me thinking. All I had on mind was two things: those who die burnt alive suffers much more than what I have felt, mind you what I felt was unbearable. The other thing was always keep an eye on hot liquids around your kids. If an adult couldn't handle the pain, neither shall a child. 

Be safe, and God bless you all.

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Coffee on Valentine's day

Running to the hairdresser's and then meeting friends for coffee on Valentine's day before heading to your date (BF or BFF) can be quite hectic specially if you do not have time, or energy, to commute back home to change into your glam outfit. Add to that the crazy Cair-ean weather, crazy cold in the morning, then hot by noon till sunset, then bouncing back again to freezing cold whether at night.

For all this you need something you can throw on that adds a glam-chic effect, take off whenever you feel hot (whether or you know what ;) ), and doesn't take down your outfit look. Hence, this shawl I got from Shein.

Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine's. <3

Shawl: Sheinside
Pants: Zara
Kitten heels: Zara
Crossbag: Sole Society
Shades: D&G

Photographer: R.O.K.N

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MAC Select Moisture Concealer.

In my frequent hunt for the perfect concealer, I have tried and tested many, trying to convince myself  I can still with any of those, but non is working. I decided I am not settling for less than what my under eyes area actually deserves, and throughout my hunt I believe I have found it

I used M.A.C Select Moisture concealer first to correct the darkness, as it acts as a soft and hydrating base that doesn’t crease. The shade I got is NC30, works best when I am tanned, not my exact shade now since the sun is gone, so I think I will be reverting to NC25.

Since adding in the concealer on the dark inner corners and sweeping slightly underneath my under eyes have been much more happy with the slight moisture and I get excellent coverage too.

**Holy Grail Product**

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Valentine's day Gifts for HIM

As promised, this is a list of gifts you can buy for your man.

All Star Hi Gray Melange Fabric Sneaker

GIANVITO ROSSI Dust Leather Slip On Sneaker

SAINT LAURENT Signature and Polkadots Narrow Tie

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V-day Reds

Valentine's is just around the corner, and typically, the streets will be all red- flowers, teddy bears, red ribbons, chocolate brownies with strawberries on top..everything. There is no escape from this, even if you tried.

Now, if you are one of the lucky few who would have a date night, this one is dedicated to you. I have compiled a list on how to look at your best on that special night.

I have to say that I am not fond of a total red outfit, it is not a uniform! You have to be creative with your outfit to stand out. I am not saying not to wear red, but you can substitute your red dress or top with a little bit of red here and there. I will till you how in a bit.

We all have the LBD staple:

You do not have to buy a new red dress if you have a short (or little, so they call it) black dress. Play it up with gold jewellery, red high heels (or soles, a la Louboutin) and you are good to go.

Jeans is all I got:

All you need for this look is a regular pair of jeans. If you have:

Skinny Jeans: Red high heels, black knitted sweater, gold choker and red envelope clutch.
Boyfriend Jeans: Red pointed flat pumps, dressy black peplum (or shirt for that matter) top, red Chanel lambskin double flap and you are good to go.

Now, you ask me what , I will tell you. Sinkind of make up should we wear.  Well, since there will be only red shoes and red clutch you can be done at this point wearing a black flick eyeliner; or, you can add another hint of red to your total look by doing red lips and red nails. 

For nails, I suggest Red Cherry, or Pucker Up, both by Sally Hansen
For lips, of course the my time fav. Ruby Woo, or High Energy lip pencil, Berry Bold lip crayon, Courting Chic Cremeshene glass, all from M.A.C ; YSL Lipstain #9

Zara Heels, YSL lipstain, Sally Hansen nail polish, Silver ring from a vintage store, MAC lip products

I hope I wrapped things up for you, all geared up and ready. Wishing you a romantic & sexy V date night ;)

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Meet NARS radiant creamy concealer ultimate dupe

By now, most of my readers know how I always crave for a good concealer. I have been trying and testing a lot, and I mean A LOT. For a certain phase of my life, I used NARS radiant creamy concealer, and loved it. Hated it for the fact it is not easily available in Egypt, and if it is, its extremely pricey (more than M.A.C!). So, I have been looking out for a replacement, if not a dupe, for the that one.
After many months of convincing myself that I really don't need another concealer, I finally bit the bullet and bought the ever so raved about Maybelline Fit Me Concealer  . A lot of people say that it is similar to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (which I love) so I thought I would do a quick review and comparison. I came across many beauty blogs that rave about Maybelline's Fit me concealer and how it is an exact duplicate for the NARS one I used, but I never believe till I see for myself, hence this post.

Now, Maybelline's Fit Me concealer dlended seamlessly to cover under-eye circles & imperfections. Now, I have pretty intense dark circles, so I tend to like more thicker consistencies and higher pigmentations so it actually does a good job, instead of doubling up the work by wearing an orange/peach corrector first and then wearing a beige one to match my skintone. So, I can’t just pick up a lighter-toned, highlighting concealer in the hope that it will brighten my eyes. I almost always have to use a peach corrector first. After that, I apply this concealer under my eyes for added coverage and the brightening effect. 
Maybelline Fit Me Swatch in Medium 25
Nars Creamy Concealer Swatch
Unlike the foundation that comes in a large variety of shades, the concealer is only available in 6 shades. That is why it was a little hard for me to narrow down to just one shade that would work well for my skin tone. I chose the shade Medium (25) among the ones available. This shade is quite obviously lighter than my skin tone (and has pinkish undertones), and so, I cannot use it to cover up imperfections. I basically picked this one up for under the eyes. It matched my natural tone, and didn't cake. Lasted a full day at work-9 Hours.

Now, for the similarity- Both come with a doe foot applicator. I actually prefer the Maybelline applicator because it is much smaller and allows for more precise application, specially for the inner corners of the eyes. Onto the product itself, you can see that both concealers are pretty much a similar shade, with NARS Custard possibly being the more neutral than Maybelline Medium being more pink toned. I believe I should have bought sand, which is more yellow toned. (Maybe I should give it a go!). For the consistency, both the NARS and Maybelline concealers have a similar consistency with the Maybelline being slightly liquid-y and the NARS being a little more mousse like. The NARS provides more coverage with one go, with the Maybelline being a medium but buildable coverage.

With the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, I love the consistency and the coverage, but I honestly prefer the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. Maybe if I had dry skin I would prefer the NARS concealer since it is quite moisturizing, but I ultimately think that they look the same on the skin and, for my oily combination skin, I need a concealer that sets in place and doesn't migrate and move around as much as the NARS one does (not that much though). The Maybelline concealer is cheaper and out of the two, it's the one I reach for on a daily basis and actually available in every department store and pharmacy in Egypt. Sorry NARS!

Have you tried either, or both, and have favourite?

Available in 6 shades.

Price: 6-7 USD

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